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Below is a menu of opportunities to help us serve our female veterans.  We have a big push for renovation of a house we have located through the Land Bank.  Our goal is open by the end of 2015.  We welcome all participants who have a heart for our veterans.



  1. Painting              Whole House                             85% Donated

  2. Plumbing            Replace tub, water heater (40 gal)         $1,194.00

  3. Mechanical         Furnace replacement            $2,500.00

  4. Concrete              Driveway                                  $3,120.00

  5. Electrical             Fixtures, receptacles, smoke detectors    $900.00

  6. Flooring               Whole house – Material Donated by Messina      $500.00

  7. Masonry              Stairs                                       $450.00

  8. Carpentry            Doors, miscellaneous          $621.00

  9. Roofing                Gutter                                     $120.00

    • Total                    $16,300.00

    • These costs are estimates by the Cuyahoga County Land bank for the work required.

Women of Hope is urgently seeking partners and donors to help reach the goal of $20,000 by donating cash, labor and/or material to enable us to launch this awesome program opportunity this summer.



Women of Hope welcomes assistance in continuing to address the needs of our female veterans in innovative ways and seeking funding to accomplish these goals. The following are ways your organization can participate.


  1. Women of Hope look to engage volunteers who are willing to assist in:  ongoing maintenance, needed toiletry and supplies for the house and interaction with the residents.

Women of Hope encourages the veteran women to actively engage in community activity and enjoy interaction with each other.

  1. Veteran “What About Us”  Luncheon and Fashion Show

  2. Community Outreach Meet & Greet with Team RWB and the Veteran Administration Domiciliary (shelter)

  3. Dinner with Chef Eric Wells – a winter culinary experience

  4. Holiday Dinner Dance, November 7, 2015


Women of Hope’s goal is to grow in excellence in every area of our organization which will enable us to serve the many female veterans that return home in need of supportive services and housing.

  1. Adopt A Room Program – Four bedrooms, 1 veteran per room at $500/month*

  2. Fundraising

  3. Volunteers

  4. Corporate Sponsors

  5. Legal Counsel

  6. Workshop Facilitators

  7. Researchers and writers for program grants

*Food, housing, utilities, clothing assistance

You Can Make a Difference!

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Women of Hope continues to expand relationships with community providers and supporters as we equip those in transition. But we can’t keep moving forward without your help. Visit us often to see how your support keeps us moving forward.


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